BioInspiration is an approach to innovation: principles underpinning biological systems are applied creatively to human technological and design challenges. Nature represents a vast repository of sustainable solutions, fine-tuned over millions of years of evolution. As global challenges become more complex and our capabilities more sophisticated, we are increasingly drawing inspiration from biological systems to find new solutions to a wide range of problems. This requires collaboration between biologists and practitioners in diverse fields, such as physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering and architecture.

The BioInspiration Hallmark Research Initiative is funded by the University of Melbourne to enhance innovation and impact by enabling convergence between the biological and physical sciences, engineering and design. The Initiative brings together researchers from the Faculty of Science (BioSciences, Chemistry and Physics), the Melbourne School of Engineering, and the Melbourne School of Design.

We work with a range of research institutes and industry partners to find bioinspired solutions to a broad range of problems in:

    • Bioinspired nano-optics and materials
    • Bioinspired chemical sensors
    • Bioinspired design in architecture.

The BioInspiration Hallmark Research Initiative supports a range of research and innovation-enabling activities including workshops, public events and a seed-funding scheme.


If you have questions or comments in relation to the Hallmark Research Initiatives program, please email: hallmark-initiatives@unimelb.edu.au


Banner image source: Pixabay