• apugnale
  1. Public Lecture by Dr Silvia Vignolini: Making Colours with your Five a Day

    Over millions of years of evolution, living things have developed complex structures to manipulate light without any pigment


  2. ‘Evolution Nailed It’ Seed Funding Competition

    The BioInspiration Seed Funding Competition is designed to have teams develop creative, nature-inspired solutions to global/ practical/ human technological and design challenges.


  3. Workshop: BioInspired Design in Architecture

    We are organising an innovation-focussed workshop on bioinspired design in architecture, sponsored by the University of Melbourne’s BioInspiration HRI.


  4. HRI Launch Event

    This breakfast launch will showcase bioinspired solutions to a range of problems, describe the scope and activities of the BioInspiration Research Initiative and provide an opportunity …