Workshop: BioInspired Design in Architecture

On the 25th of June 2019, we held our first invitation-only innovation workshop on Bioinspired Design in Architecture.

In nature, an extraordinary diversity of structural forms is achieved with a minimum of components and materials. The search for optimal structural forms, materials and designs inspired by nature is an exciting and rapidly growing field today. The objective of this half-day workshop was to identify future key challenges in architectural design and new, creative ways to address those challenges using a bioinspired approach.

The workshop was attended by representatives from industry (Arup, Grimshaw Global, Shapeshift), researchers from the Melbourne School of Design, BioSciences, Physics, and the School of Forest and Ecosystem Science, and collaborators from RMIT and Monash University.

The workshop included speed talks from industry representatives and researchers outlining their challenges, expertise and interests. The innovation session that followed the speed talks produced exciting ideas, some of which were followed up with proposals to the BioInspiration Seed Funding Competition.

Image credits:
Alberto Pugnale