Workshop: BioInspired Design in Architecture

We are organising an innovation-focussed workshop on bioinspired design in architecture, sponsored by the University of Melbourne’s BioInspiration HRI. In nature, an extraordinary diversity of structural forms is achieved with a minimum of components and materials. The search for optimal structural forms, materials and designs inspired by nature is an exciting and rapidly growing field today. The objective of this half-day workshop is to identify future key challenges in architectural design and new, creative ways to address those challenges using a bioinspired approach.

The workshop will involve a group of 20/25 invitees from Industry and researchers in architectural engineering and design, biology and engineering. The workshop will begin with 5 minute speed talks from participants on either an aspect of their research that has commercial potential, or a challenge they face in materials or architectural design that could benefit from a cross-disciplinary assembly of world-leading researchers. This will be followed by facilitated innovation sessions on key challenges identified by participants in areas such as:

1. Bio-genesis

Towards natural design, at all scales, either in terms of structure or material

2. Bio-technique

Nature seen as a construction model, nature grows a design, we can assemble it

3. Bio-mimetics

Emulate natural processes to solve human problems, such as in natural computing

The workshop will conclude with teams presenting their ideas and solutions, followed by informal discussion and drinks. Opportunities exist to further these ideas through the BioInspiration Seed Funding Competition.

The Workshop will be held as invitation-only on Tuesday 25 June 2019 – 2:00 to 6:30pm.

Get in touch if you’d like to be involved!